Südeifel  Camping Reles-Mühle  family

Uschi und Ede Mertens-Kootz 
Kapellenweg 3
D - 54675 Körperich-Obersgegen 
Telephone: + 49 (0)6566 8741
Telefax:      + 49 (0)6566 931064
Email: Info@Eifelcamping.com

     The camping site is situated in the middle of the German/Luxembourg and
     German/Belgian nature park, 4 km to Vianden / Luxembourg removes.
There in the midst of the " Gaytal Park " you find to ours romantically which was
    situated family camping-ground along the Gayriver.
Our parking bays are all approx. 100m² large and offer much
 workstation for camper, tent and your car.
Clubmeetins before and after the summer season with romantic campfire.

Directly our camping the ideal 
starting point for recovery
migrations is been  because of the edge of forest by the chamber forest. 
Many beautiful trip targets find
you in the closer environment. 
( Vianden/Lux., Echternach/Lux.,
Neuerburg, Bitburg, Trier )
  • Heated and clean sanitary  installations are naturaly. 
  • Washing machine, dryer.
  • Playgrounds and play meadow.
  • Plays in the Gayriver.
  • Table tennis.
  • Open-rir swimming pool 1,5 km.
  • Card telephone 
  • Ice-, beverage- and creative  present kiosk. 
  • Save for market 200 m.
  • Several restaurants in the place.  
  • rent a Caravan  
  • rent a Bungalow

Our Campingground is situated along of the Gayriver.

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